Festival competition of artists whose works are related to the travel theme

Travel Documentary

Documentary captured as a result of travel; travel-blogs, TV-show.

Promo Video

Video that presents the country, city, town, travel object, etc.

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Video taken with the help of drone technology.


Films about traditional food and winery.

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documentary travel photos made in different countries

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Films about Fashion
ART & TRAVEL International film festival Georgia 2024

Journey as an Art and Art as a journey

The main purpose of ART&TRAVEL INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL is to reward films and audiovisual productions that promote tourism in the following aspects: tourist destination (city, region, or country); adventure tourism; extreme sports; nautical tourism; hotels and resorts; people, culture and traditions; religious tourism; rural tourism; fashion tourism. The festival will be held in Tbilisi, Georgia, in September 2024.
A festival-competition of artists whose works are related to the theme of travel;
competent assessment of competitive works by members of the international jury;
a place for friendly communication and exchange of experiences of film-makers and photo artists from all over the world: holding master classes and professional meetings of professionals in the field of screen arts, photo arts and tourism.
The history of the festival starts from Kharkiv International Festival of Arts and Travel. Since the war in Ukraine the festival offline format has become impossible. Not only the project was suffered, but also the entire tourism sector in Ukraine. Despite this, the festival team tried to find opportunities and keep the project alive . Since the beginning of the war, the festival has continued to live online format and became a member of CINETOUR International Committee of World Film Festivals. As a result of the activities and cooperation ,in 2023 the festival became an International platform . Irina Khangoshvili ,a film director and a producer from Georgia set up the project as Art&Travel International Film Festival. And the idea of ​​the festival, which was born by the author of the project - Anna Kurinnaya - after visiting Tbilisi, found her second home.

Art & Travel International Film Festival, particularly focusing on tourism categories, plays a significant role in the global tourism film industry. This festival serves as a vibrant platform for the intersection of art, travel, and filmmaking, emphasizing the intricate relationship between these fields.

1. Cultural Exchange and Diversity: The festival brings together filmmakers, artists, and professionals from various countries, fostering a rich cultural exchange. This diversity is not only reflected in the films showcased but also in the discussions, workshops, and interactions that take place, promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of different cultures.
2. Tourism Promotion: Films focused on tourism serve as powerful tools for promoting destinations. They highlight unique aspects of a location – its scenery, culture, people, and experiences – in a compelling narrative format. This can significantly boost tourism by attracting viewers who wish to experience these destinations firsthand.
3. Networking and Collaboration Opportunities: The festival offers a unique platform for professionals from different aspects of the film and tourism industries to network. This interaction often leads to collaborations on new projects, bringing fresh and innovative ideas to the forefront of both tourism and filmmaking.
4. Educational Aspect: Through workshops and seminars, the festival provides educational opportunities for both seasoned professionals and newcomers. This educational aspect ensures the continual evolution and improvement of the tourism film industry, keeping it vibrant and relevant.
5. Economic Impact: By showcasing various destinations, these films can directly influence tourism trends, leading to economic benefits for the featured locations. Moreover, the festival itself, attracting attendees from around the world, can be a significant source of revenue and exposure for the host city.
6. Inspiration and Creativity: The convergence of art and travel in filmmaking inspires creativity. It pushes the boundaries of traditional storytelling, encouraging filmmakers to explore new ways of expressing the essence of a destination.
7. Environmental and Social Responsibility: Many tourism films highlight the importance of sustainable travel and the preservation of natural and cultural heritage, promoting responsible tourism practices.
8. Global Recognition: Winning an award or even being featured in such a prestigious festival can be a significant achievement for filmmakers. It provides global recognition, opens up new markets, and can be a stepping stone to further success.


Irina Khangoshvili (Georgia) and Anna Kurinnaya (Ukraine)

An author, a director and a producer of documentary films and television programs. The jury member of International tourism film festivals. A board of directors of Cinetour - International Committee of Sustainable Thematic Film Festivals.
Irina Khangoshvili(Georgia)
Director of the Festival
Screenwriter, associate professor. The founder and a president of Kharkiv International Festival of Arts&Travel, Ukraine since 2018. A board of directors of Cinetour - International Committee of Sustainable Thematic Film Festivals.
Anna Kurinnaya(Ukraine)
Director of the Festival
Journalist, video blogger and a producer of travel videos. Winner and a jury member of many International film festivals.
Team member
Timelapse and Hyperlapse photographer. Winner and a jury member of many International film festivals around the world.
Team member
Director of children's Theater Festival in Georgia. A teacher of Art. Organiser of International Art events and festivals in many countries.
Team member
Declared Tourist Ambassador of Ecuador since 2018. Creative Director of Grupo Uribe Advertising Agency. Jury member. A winner of International festivals.
Team member

Jury members and special guests

Manuela Morgaine (France)

Film director, producer, president of production company “Envers Compagnie”

Minako Yamazaki (Japan)

Tourism coordinator and a producer , president of “InterActionArt” organization( Japan office),co-founder of International Fashion project “Miyabi”

Her Royal Highness Princess of Hawaii Idony Punahele Hoapili(Hawaii)

Founder of The Hoapili Baker Foundation in the Hawaiian Islands Director of the Hawaii International Tourist Film Festival

Lord Alfredo Corte Real (Portugal)

Executive director of International relations, member of the Council of Europe, historian, writer

Irene Giannakopoulos (Greece)

President and a Founder of Amorgos International Tourism Film Festival

Can Saracoglu (Turkey)

President of Cinetour - International Committee of World Film Festivals

Ioannis Maronitis (Greece)

President of UNESCO Club of Piraeus and Islands

Carlos Sargedas (Portugal)

Director of Finisterra Arrabida Film Art&Tourism Festival

Art&Travel International Workshops

The first International Art&Travel Workshops were held in Poland, in Bielsko-Biala , at 23 - 25 of August 2023 with the help of municipality of the city.
Professionals from different countries took part in workshops: Anna Kurinna (Ukraine), Piotr Owczarski (Poland), Irina Khangoshvili (Georgia), Kirill Neiezhmakov (Portugal), Olena Chepurna (Ukraine).

During 3 days were held practical masterclasses, film screenings, lectures, post-production work where groups of participants with the help of professionals created their own films that were presented at the last workshop summary evening . Awards and diplomas were given to all the participants at the closing ceremony at Art&Travel Workshops in Bielsko-Biala.

International supporters and partners of the festival

CINETOUR - International Committee of World Film Festivals

Georgian Gastronomical and Cultural Development Association

Georgian Tourism Industry Alliance (GTI Alliance)

Georgian Sommelier Association

Domum Festival - The Digital Gate International Film Festival

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Tbilisi, Georgia
Regulations of the festival
  • Professionally recorded videos, films and TV reportage’s (hereinafter referred to as “the work”) that meet the expected technical quality and professional standards. The applications will be accepted for the filmed works that cover one of the stated topics and that are in accordance with the required duration and other conditions. The works produced more than three years ago cannot take part at the Festival.
  • All authors from private and national media, as well as independent production, have the right to participate at the Festival whilst respecting the basic criteria of the Festival.
  • Preferred languages versions of videos, films and TV reportages are English or native language of a country with English subtitles.
  • All copyrights and music rights of the applied works must be duly regulated and in this respect the Festival shall not bear any cost of royalties or the costs of screening. The regulated copyrights and music rights will be confirmed by the applicant’s signature on the application form.
  • If the work enters the official competition, the applicant shall give his/her consent that the said work itself or some parts of it can be used for the promotion of the Festival, within the framework of its programme schedule as well as in public and private broadcast of the host country. The same applies for the usage on the Festival website. The Festival acquires this right within a completed application form and by the act of the work being sent to the Festival by an author or an authorised agency.
  • The work applied shall not express any kind of racial, religious or political discrimination, defamation and intolerance. Otherwise, the Festival Selection Committee is authorised to dismiss the application of the work from participating in the Festival.
  • Once the films enter the competition, the competitors will be notified of the fact at least a few weeks before the Festival.
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